Individual and Group
Spiritual Direction

Connect to your deepest Source

"Seeking spiritual direction means to ask the big questions, the fundamental questions, the universal ones in the context of a supportive relationship. Out of asking such questions and living the questions will come right actions that present themselves in compelling ways."

Henri Nouwen

More and more people are recognizing the benefits of spiritual direction for the authentic life. Our lives are permeated with spirit, and spiritual direction helps us to develop an increased awareness of the Sacred in the everyday and to respond to that “still, small voice within.

Spiritual direction can help awaken us to the generative or “imaginal realm” that we “live and move and have our being in,” but of which we are often unaware. Spiritual direction can help us find the inner wisdom to answer the questions, Who am I? and What is my work? We offer the opportunity to explore these questions in both individual and group spiritual direction.

An initial consultation with one of our spiritual directors is complimentary. Please call Patty Speier or Hillary Geisler to set up an appointment. For our Group Spiritual Direction sessions, please see our Events page.

Patty Speier—512 922-4555

Hillary Geisler—512 695-3698

Complimentary Spiritual Direction Consultation

Spiritual Questions

Is too much busyness causing you to lose touch with the Sacred or others in your communities?

Is the abundance of consumerism leaving you lacking in what matters most?

Are cultural pressures moving you away from who you are called to be?

What might the Transcendent be inviting you into and how might you respond to the invitation?

Spiritual Direction helps…

  • Strengthen the connection between our ego and the Divine within us
  • Discern the presence and movement of grace in our lives
  • Integrate spiritual practices into our daily routines
  • Move us from ego-centric thinking to eco-centric behavior

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