Ritual Designs

Cultivate meaning from everyday activities

“When one is still and listens, one begins to be in touch with a mysterious element that is within each of us, which can transform and shape us and can help to transform the world."

William Segal

Rituals are experiential practices that bring purpose and belonging into the workplace. Drawing on the five senses, symbols and even props, these ceremonial acts can be performed by your teams to feel extraordinary meaning in ordinary activities.

Whether they are celebrations or simple observances, these rites give space for embodying key values and personal and social intentions. Working closely with your team, we create and facilitate tailored experiences to mark the significance of vitality within your organization.

Let us customize a ritual for your company.

Typical events when Rituals are performed…

Before, during and after meetings

Company/Department gatherings

Launch of a product or service

Initiation or Termination of a project or product

Major organizational shift

New employee orientation

Goal setting and accomplishment

Customer/Client success

Rituals can…

  • Ease social disconnection
  • Add stability and comfort to work environments
  • Enhance engagement from individuals and teams
  • Provide meaning in work processes

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