Awareness Coaching

Tap into your deepest creativity and innovation

“We cannot meet the challenges at hand if we do not change our interior condition and illuminate our blind spot—the source of our attention and action.”

Otto Scharmer, The Essentials of Theory U

Awareness Coaching allows you to pay attention to the inner place from which you operate. These one-on-one sessions foster your ability to listen to a deeper, wiser and more creative voice than is usually accessible to us in the rush of our daily lives.

This grounded practice facilitates the work of answering the two questions we should constantly be asking ourselves: “Who am I?” and “What is my work?” With heightened consciousness, you can begin to sense and actualize the future that is waiting to emerge.

An initial consultation with one of our awareness coaches is complimentary. Please call Patty Speier or Hillary Geisler to set up an appointment.

Patty Speier—512 922-4555

Hillary Geisler—512 695-3698

Complimentary Awareness Coaching Consultation

In Awareness Coaching you…

Observe and Reflect

On your patterns of thought and interaction

Access and Trust

Your inner knowing


The right next actions to take

This process…

  • Reorients you to your strengths, purpose and path
  • Revitalizes meaning and passion in your work
  • Builds capacity for leading and serving alongside others

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