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“Leadership challenges that institutions are facing today cannot be solved with this old understanding of leadership…many people in the organization—sometimes everyone—need to be involved.”

Otto Scharmer, Leading From the Emerging Future

No matter what your level or role is in the organization, you have the responsibility to lead. But this can only happen if you engage with your highest potential to create transformative change. Luckily, our training workshops can help.

In these intensives, you’ll develop the skills for compassionate listening, mindful dialogue, intentional engagement and generative co-creation.

We create a regular schedule of training to help leaders continue on their growth path. However, we recognize that some businesses have a specific training need.  If you’re interested in a customized training program or would like us to facilitate a mindfulness meditation group within your organization, please contact us at info@soulcenteredleaders.org.

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Training themes include:

Qualities of a Great Leader

Deep Listening

Critical Tactics to Lead Your Business to a Better Future

Intro to Theory U

Leading with an Open Mind, Heart and Will

4.0 Business Models

Our Workshops Provide…

  • In-depth training for relationship-building skills
  • Experiential exercises to help integrate daily practices
  • Real world examples for successfully collaborating with team members

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