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Why Soul-Centered?

"Here we are mainly concerned with the “soul” as the shaping spirit within any vital process. These, the inner spirit and the outer form, are two distinctive ways of a single mode of being. In considering the soul of the future, I am concerned with the inner vision that we need if we are to make the intellectual, social, economic, and religious adjustments required for a viable future."

Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way into the Future

Thomas Berry recognized the importance of inner development for meeting today’s challenges. On a global scale, we are facing widening gaps across financial, social, spiritual and ecological areas. Repairing these divides requires that we grow in awareness of who we are and what role we can play in creating new possibilities where all humans can flourish.

Such work calls for “soul-centered life and leadership”—that is, life and leadership that are attuned to both “the inner spirit and the outer form.” That is why we have created The Institute for Soul-Centered Life and Leadership.

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